Beer Video Review: Stewart Brewing, Black IPA

It’s not the first time we are talking about Stewart Brewing – we are big fans of what they do and the way they do it. This time we’re looking at another great brew from this Scottish brewery  – the Black IPA. This exciting beer has great taste and aroma and is suitable for everyday drinking! If you want to learn what’s different about a black IPA, have a look at our extended video review below.

If you are a fan of IPAs, why not give it a go!

Official website:
Black IPA:

Beer Video Review: Hardknott, Infrared IPA

When it comes to oxymoronic beers, we get really excited. We were not disappointed by this amazing IPA by Hardknott brewery and we want to share with your our love for it.

Founded in 2005, the brewery has a lot of potential, very well presented with this excellent and unique beer. We are looking forward to try some of the other beers in the company’s portfolio.

If you want to learn more about the Infrared IPA, please watch our video review below:

If you have more questions about it, please let us know in the comment below. Cheers!

Official brewery website:
Infrared IPA:

Happy #IPADay – let’s celebrate together!


We love the idea of having an #IPADay – a chance to look more closely Into one of our favourite beer styles and to learn more about it…

Here are some IPA facts as shared by Paste Magazine:

– IPA has Australian origins

– The hops used in the IPAs play the role of preservatives

– One of the first IPA brewers in the world was English

– There is something called a Double IPA – it is usually with more hops and higher alcohol contents

– IPAs are made with female hops!

If you want to read more details, please visit the original source.

To celebrate the ocassion, we also found some fantastic historic articles about the great IPA. Here is one about IPA’s success across the globe and a brief history, if you’re into facts and figures. Ever wondered why IPA is called like that? Here is the answer.

From everyone at My Beer Experience – happy IPA day! Cheers!

Beer Video Review: Williams Bros, Double Joker IPA

Добре дошли в новия ни видео пост. Днес ви представяме Double Joker IPA – големият брат на Joker IPA от Williams Brothers. Това е една от най-редките бири на компанията и един от най-интересните им производи!

Double Joker IPA е шотландски империъл IPA, с остър вкус на хмел и много аромат. Ако искате да научите малко повече за тази бира, моля гледайте видеото по-долу.

Welcome to My Beer Experience! Today we’re going to present to you Double Joker IPA – the big brother of Joker IPA by Williams Brothers. This is one of the rarest beers of the company and it is among the most exciting ones they produce.

The Double Joker IPA is a bold Scottish style Imperial IPA, generously hopped & devilishly flavoursome. If you want to find out more, please watch the video below.


Beer Video Review: Krafty Brew, Grapefruit IPA

От няколко седмици, Биреният блог има ново начинание – видео ревюта на любимите ни бири. Името на новия канал в YouTube e My Beer Experience и ще се радваме, ако се абонирате. Първото от поредица видеа, които ще публикуваме всяка седмица за вас, е на “Grapefruit IPA” на Kafty Brew.

A few weeks ago, the team behind this Beer blog has started a new venture – making video review about our favourite beers. The name of our new YouTube channel is My Beer Experience and we would appreciate if you subscribe. The first video from our list we plan to publish each week is for the “Grapefruit IPA” by Krafty Brew. Enjoy! It’s in English, btw!

Raj India Pale Ale – светла и рязка, но от класа

“Raj India Pale Ale” е произведена от TSA Brewing Co (които всъщност са с пълното име Traditional Scottish Ales Brewing Company). Пивоварната се опитва да запази традициите в бироправенето в Шотландия и за целта пуска на пазара бири с много типични за региона имена и специфичен вкус.

Може да се каже, че “Raj” притежава всички типични черти на бирите с етикет IPA (india pale ale) – със светъл цвят, рязкост и лек аромат, тя може да допадне на мнозина. Въпреки първоначалните приятни впечатления, възможно е да ви дойде малко в повечко газираността й и резкостта на вкуса, но това в никакъв случай не я прави лоша – въпрос на вкус. Алкохолното съдържание в нея е 4% и определено й отива.

Официален сайт на пивоварната (защото бирата не фигурира със собствена страница): TSA Brewing Co.

Raj India Pale Ale