Happy #IPADay – let’s celebrate together!


We love the idea of having an #IPADay – a chance to look more closely Into one of our favourite beer styles and to learn more about it…

Here are some IPA facts as shared by Paste Magazine:

– IPA has Australian origins

– The hops used in the IPAs play the role of preservatives

– One of the first IPA brewers in the world was English

– There is something called a Double IPA – it is usually with more hops and higher alcohol contents

– IPAs are made with female hops!

If you want to read more details, please visit the original source.

To celebrate the ocassion, we also found some fantastic historic articles about the great IPA. Here is one about IPA’s success across the globe and a brief history, if you’re into facts and figures. Ever wondered why IPA is called like that? Here is the answer.

From everyone at My Beer Experience – happy IPA day! Cheers!