Beer Video Review: Marston’s Brewery, English Pale Ale

Ето и поредното ни видео ревю – на не особено популярния “English Pale Ale” на Marston’s Brewery.

Here is our latest beer video review – for the not so popular “English Pale Ale” by Marston’s Brewery.

Beer Video Review: Krafty Brew, Grapefruit IPA

От няколко седмици, Биреният блог има ново начинание – видео ревюта на любимите ни бири. Името на новия канал в YouTube e My Beer Experience и ще се радваме, ако се абонирате. Първото от поредица видеа, които ще публикуваме всяка седмица за вас, е на “Grapefruit IPA” на Kafty Brew.

A few weeks ago, the team behind this Beer blog has started a new venture – making video review about our favourite beers. The name of our new YouTube channel is My Beer Experience and we would appreciate if you subscribe. The first video from our list we plan to publish each week is for the “Grapefruit IPA” by Krafty Brew. Enjoy! It’s in English, btw!