Beer Video Review: Guinness, West Indies Porter

It was great that in 2015, Guinness introduced some new beers in its portfolio, including the West Indies Porter. We had the pleasure to taste it and we even made a video review about it.

We highly recommend trying this unique porter to see for yourself how the biggest beer brand in the world has improved its image. Thanks!

Stewart Brewing teams up with Santa to spread craft beer cheer this festive season

Stewart Brewing launches a festive-themed competition today, 25th November, to promote their Craft Beer Kitchen as a Christmas present idea.

Stewart’s teamed up with everyone’s favourite winter wonder man, Santa Claus, to showcase their brew-it-yourself facility in a short promotional video. The partnership aims to spread craft beer cheer this Christmas, encouraging viewers to act as “Craft Beer Santa” by sharing the video to be in with a chance of winning a brew day experience for themselves and up to three friends.

On 6th December Santa will pick one lucky winner to brew their own beer, an experience worth £240, which leaves enough time to have it on the dinner table for Christmas day if they wish. “And I certainly wouldn’t say no to a hoppy craft beer tripple in place of the usual sweet sherry,” Santa commented.

To make the video, Stewart Beewing invited Santa and his elves to brew on the brewery’s pilot kit, the Craft Beer Kitchen. As with regular customers, Santa chose his own recipe, designed his labels and bottled his beer with guidance from the Stewart’s team. The day was captured by local photographer and film maker Brendan MacNeill.

Steve Stewart, co-founder of Stewart BRewing, said it was a “privilege” to welcome the festive legend to the brewery. “Santa and his elves really enjoyed their Craft Beer Kitchen experience and made a lovely 5% pale ale, “Jingle All the IPA”, he added. Mr Stewart and Mr Claus agreed that with more and more presents to deliver each year, bringing brew day vouchers to all the “big kids” would really lighten Santa’s sleigh load.

Santa also pointed out that there was a growing trend in giving experiences like Craft Beer Kitchen as presents, which can make more memorable gifts than socks, DVDs and the latest fashion trends. Stewart Brewing markets Craft Beer Kitchen as the ideal experience for almost any occasion: you can brew a celebration beer on the day or enjoy it on your special day by brewing in advance. Either way, Craft Beer Kitchen vouchers  make a great Christmas gift – and they can even be bought right up to the last minute, until midday on Christmas eve.

Get ready for a very merry beer Christmas with Stewart Brewing!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land

Came the cheers of beer lovers, their glasses in hand;

The stockings were hung by the chimneys with care

In hopes that Stewart’s beers soon would be found there.

As we have said a few times before, Stewart Brewing is Edinburgh’s local brewery. Since 2004 they’ve been brewing popular award-winning beers such as Edinburgh Gold pale ale and triple-hopped Radical Road. With their custom-built brewery boasting a shop, taproom and Craft Beer Kitchen brew-it-yourself facility, Stewart offers a variety of Christmas gifts for beer lovers of all kinds and pockets of all depths.

Available online or in store, there’s a range of perfect stocking fillers from branded bottle openers to pairs of Stewart Brewing socks.

Midrange offerings include Stewart’s gift packs, “The Traditionalist”, “The Explorer” and “The Newbie,” which offer a different selection of Stewart’s bottles for different kinds of beer lovers. Choose from a combo of classic pale ales and stout, hoppier IPAs or “one of everything”. Also available are two seasonal wheat beers, Christmas Weiss Blanc and Noir, and limited edition set of 11.5% imperial stouts, Elysium I, II and III, each barrel aged in a different spirit cask.

At the other end of the spectrum, for a really memorable experience there’s the Craft Beer Kitchen experience where you choose your recipe, design your labels and brew and bottle your very own beer with up to three friends. Ideal for big birthdays, stag dos or to put a special beer on the dinner table when celebrating.

Stewart’s are releasing a range of great merchandise in time for Christmas too, including T-shirts, hoodies and glassware in new designs. If you’re not sure what to get, pick up a shop voucher, which can be used for tours and Craft Beer Kitchen as well as merchandise and bottles. A £15 voucher would be enough for a two litre growler, a re-fillable glass jug that can be used at the brewery taproom. This features 18 lines of Stewart’s biggest sellers as well as smaller, one-off brews. Growlers keep fresh in the fridge for up to five days and are great if you want to enjoy pub style beer at home.

Since vouchers can be bought online until midday Christmas Eve, don’t worry if your Secret Santa slips your mid or if boozy Uncle Brian decides to come for lunch at the last minute. Place your order before midday and the voucher will be emailed over for you to print. Vouchers bought in the shop come in a festive envelope with space to write your own message.

Merry Christmas one and all!

p.s. Thanks to Stewart Brewing for inviting us in the brewery for a complimentary tour and their special Christmas gift pack. In our next post, we’ll tell you more about the things we’ve learned during the tour! 🙂

Beer Video Review: Stewart Brewing, Black IPA

It’s not the first time we are talking about Stewart Brewing – we are big fans of what they do and the way they do it. This time we’re looking at another great brew from this Scottish brewery  – the Black IPA. This exciting beer has great taste and aroma and is suitable for everyday drinking! If you want to learn what’s different about a black IPA, have a look at our extended video review below.

If you are a fan of IPAs, why not give it a go!

Official website:
Black IPA:

Home Brewing Project: Making beer from start to finish

A little while ago, we decided to try for the first time and brew our own beer at home. We chose a home brewing kit by one of the most popular brands in the UK – Coopers, and we started our experiment with their default lager package. We wanted to document the experience and share it with you as we go along. We ended up with a series of six videos, including our live stream of the opening of the package with the brew kit we’ve bought.

You can now watch all video on our YouTube channel or directly through the links below:

We were happy with the final results of this first experiment of ours, but if we have to be honest the beer was not of the best quality – it lacked consistent and nice taste and smell. However, we would continue with these experiments and will let you know what we come up with in the future. Thanks for watching!

Beer Video Review: Hardknott, Infrared IPA

When it comes to oxymoronic beers, we get really excited. We were not disappointed by this amazing IPA by Hardknott brewery and we want to share with your our love for it.

Founded in 2005, the brewery has a lot of potential, very well presented with this excellent and unique beer. We are looking forward to try some of the other beers in the company’s portfolio.

If you want to learn more about the Infrared IPA, please watch our video review below:

If you have more questions about it, please let us know in the comment below. Cheers!

Official brewery website:
Infrared IPA:

Brewery in focus: Stewart Brewing

Stewart Brewing is one of the few small breweries local for the Edinburgh region. Based just outside of Loanhead, a few miles away from Edinburgh city centre, the brewery has been founded in 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart and since then has been one of the strongest Scottish independent breweries on the market.

We recently visited the brewery and had the chance to look around their craft beer shop, based just outside the warehouse where they brew the beer. On sale are all main Stewart Brewery beers, including some amazing guest beers from breweries such as Williams Bros and Tempest Brewing. One of the coolest things about the shop is that there you can find some amazingly unique brews made by the Stewart team in very limited editions. Of course, their price is a bit higher than a normal ale, but it’s all worth it! Among the names of some of those super limited beers are Yakima IPA and Wee Heavy. We had the pleasure to buy those two (and soon plan to make reviews for them on our YouTube channel).

stewart brewing

If you visit Stewart Brewing, a “must see” place is their craft beer kitchen where you can brew your own unique beer. Here is what Stewart Brewing say about their personalised beer experience: “Here at Stewart Brewing’s Craft Beer Kitchen, we will guide you through the brewing process from start to finish. From choosing a brew date to bottling and collecting your brand new creation, Craft Beer Kitchen will ensure that your brew session is both fun filled and smooth sailing. Then it is over to you to stick your beer in the fridge and perhaps most importantly, toast your success! Whether a complete beer novice or a self-proclaimed beer geek, we can promise that the Craft Beer Kitchen will be a unique and unforgettable experience. ”

stewart brewing

If you take part in the beer kitchen experience, it’s highly likely that the bottle with your own label will be featured in the shop. You will also get all of your beer ready in a couple of hours.

For all fans of Stewart Brewing, there’s variety of merchandise available in the shop too. If you’re not driving there, you can also taste some of the great beers they have available on tap.

We loved the time spent with the great professionals at Stewart Brewing and we recommend you visiting them whenever you’re in the region.

stewart brewing
All photos from Stewart Brewing’s Facebook page.

Brewery in focus: Traquair house

Just at the beginning of October, we had the pleasure of visiting the oldest inhabited house in Scotland – Traquair house, and the brewery that has been based in the house for the last 300 years. Based just outside Peebles, to the south of Edinburgh, Traquair is definitely one amazing place every fan of the craft beer experience should visit.

We knew about their “Jacobite ale” which we recently reviewed, but we wanted to learn more about the history behind their venture. Truth to be told, during our visit we didn’t really see the place where the beer is being brewed but we had a good look around the brewery shop and we had a very interesting and insightful chat with the guy who was running it for the day. According to his information, the brewing process at Traquair is being carried out by only three people. They brew twice per week in a capacity of only eight barrels. What makes them really unique is the fact that they still brew their very strong ales as if it is 1745 – they hardly use any new technique or ingredients, keeping to the true spirit of craft beer making. At the moment Traquair breweing house works with some of the Edinburgh branches of Waitrose as well as with partners in a few countries where beer is treated in a more special way – USA, Canada, Japan, Croatia… At their current set up the brewery doesn’t do its bottling. Once the brew is ready, it is being transported for bottling in England and then returned back to Traquair.

On top of the core beers produced in the 300 year old brewery, in the craft shop you can also find bannock, mustard and even shampoo made from the “Jacobite ale”.

All in all, Traquair has on offer the best of craft breweing you can enjoy anywhere in the UK. It’s a fantastic place to visit and you’ll definitely have a great day out and some unique beers to test while you enjoy the scenic views.

We definitely recommend Traquair to anyone who loves quality beer!

Beer Video Review: Krafty Brew, Grapefruit IPA

There’s one thing all beer lovers based in or around Edinburgh should do – to visit “Krafty Brew” and experience their craft brews as well as their beer tour and tasting sessions. We have not had the pleasure to meet the guys behind the brewery yet, but we were lucky enough to get one of their wonderful beers brewed in very small batches, through our “Flavourly” craft beer subscription. Here is our review for the nice and refreshing “Grapefruit IPA”. Thanks for watching!

Едно от нещата, които всеки, който живее в или около Единбург, трябва да направи, е да посети “Krafty Brew” и да опита някоя от техните бири, да посети бирената им обиколка или някоя от дегустациите на бира, които те организират. Ние все още не сме имали удоволствието да се запознаем с хората, които са зад този проект, но бяхме късметлии и получихме една от техните бири, направени в лимитирана серия, в една от нашите бирени кутии, които получаваме всеки месец, наречена “Flavourly”. Тук може да гледате ревюто ни за  тяхната много приятната и освежаваща “Grapefruit IPA” . Благодарим за вниманието!

Beer Video Review: Caledonian Brewery, Unmistakably Bill’s

Bill McLaren is a legend of Scottish rugby – he was not a player but an amazing commentator. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of his birthday, we tasted and reviewed the beer created by the Edinburgh based Caledonian Brewery. We loved the beer and we were very interested to learn more about Bill and his amazing contribution to the sport of rugby. To celebrate his life and career, we selected some of his best rugby quotes:

He kicked that ball like it were three pounds o’ haggis.

I look at Colin Meads and see a great big sheep farmer who carried the ball in his hands as though it was an orange pip.

I’ve hardly ever had to pay to get in (the best thing in his view about 50 years of commentary at rugby matches).

He can smell a try like a forest animal.

Here is our video review of “Bill’s” beer. Raise a glass for Bill and celebrate his life with us!