Brewery in focus: Stewart Brewing

Stewart Brewing is one of the few small breweries local for the Edinburgh region. Based just outside of Loanhead, a few miles away from Edinburgh city centre, the brewery has been founded in 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart and since then has been one of the strongest Scottish independent breweries on the market.

We recently visited the brewery and had the chance to look around their craft beer shop, based just outside the warehouse where they brew the beer. On sale are all main Stewart Brewery beers, including some amazing guest beers from breweries such as Williams Bros and Tempest Brewing. One of the coolest things about the shop is that there you can find some amazingly unique brews made by the Stewart team in very limited editions. Of course, their price is a bit higher than a normal ale, but it’s all worth it! Among the names of some of those super limited beers are Yakima IPA and Wee Heavy. We had the pleasure to buy those two (and soon plan to make reviews for them on our YouTube channel).

stewart brewing

If you visit Stewart Brewing, a “must see” place is their craft beer kitchen where you can brew your own unique beer. Here is what Stewart Brewing say about their personalised beer experience: “Here at Stewart Brewing’s Craft Beer Kitchen, we will guide you through the brewing process from start to finish. From choosing a brew date to bottling and collecting your brand new creation, Craft Beer Kitchen will ensure that your brew session is both fun filled and smooth sailing. Then it is over to you to stick your beer in the fridge and perhaps most importantly, toast your success! Whether a complete beer novice or a self-proclaimed beer geek, we can promise that the Craft Beer Kitchen will be a unique and unforgettable experience. ”

stewart brewing

If you take part in the beer kitchen experience, it’s highly likely that the bottle with your own label will be featured in the shop. You will also get all of your beer ready in a couple of hours.

For all fans of Stewart Brewing, there’s variety of merchandise available in the shop too. If you’re not driving there, you can also taste some of the great beers they have available on tap.

We loved the time spent with the great professionals at Stewart Brewing and we recommend you visiting them whenever you’re in the region.

stewart brewing
All photos from Stewart Brewing’s Facebook page.

Brewery in focus: Traquair house

Just at the beginning of October, we had the pleasure of visiting the oldest inhabited house in Scotland – Traquair house, and the brewery that has been based in the house for the last 300 years. Based just outside Peebles, to the south of Edinburgh, Traquair is definitely one amazing place every fan of the craft beer experience should visit.

We knew about their “Jacobite ale” which we recently reviewed, but we wanted to learn more about the history behind their venture. Truth to be told, during our visit we didn’t really see the place where the beer is being brewed but we had a good look around the brewery shop and we had a very interesting and insightful chat with the guy who was running it for the day. According to his information, the brewing process at Traquair is being carried out by only three people. They brew twice per week in a capacity of only eight barrels. What makes them really unique is the fact that they still brew their very strong ales as if it is 1745 – they hardly use any new technique or ingredients, keeping to the true spirit of craft beer making. At the moment Traquair breweing house works with some of the Edinburgh branches of Waitrose as well as with partners in a few countries where beer is treated in a more special way – USA, Canada, Japan, Croatia… At their current set up the brewery doesn’t do its bottling. Once the brew is ready, it is being transported for bottling in England and then returned back to Traquair.

On top of the core beers produced in the 300 year old brewery, in the craft shop you can also find bannock, mustard and even shampoo made from the “Jacobite ale”.

All in all, Traquair has on offer the best of craft breweing you can enjoy anywhere in the UK. It’s a fantastic place to visit and you’ll definitely have a great day out and some unique beers to test while you enjoy the scenic views.

We definitely recommend Traquair to anyone who loves quality beer!